About us

“Musseva and Ivanov” Attorney Partnership is created with the intention to be a boutique legal consultant advising with deep understanding of each individual case.

“Musseva and Ivanov” Attorney Partnership is specializing exclusively in commercial and private international law.

“Musseva and Ivanov” Attorney Partnership offers fully-fledged legal advisory services, providing assistance from the point of reviewing the individual case to the exit from it.

Through discussion of the ways in which “Musseva and Ivanov” Attorney Partnership’s diverse resources can be employed to achieve maximum results, we hope to demonstrate in this website why our Partnership is the rational choice for you.

Why “Musseva and Ivanov” Attorney Partnership

As a legal assistant and value added services provider during the entire business process, “Musseva and Ivanov” Attorney Partnership is able to co-ordinate and manage the processes needed to reach the optimal final solution for the respective business case.

There is a number of aspects we can offer that differentiate us from legal consultancies.

Legal Framework Knowledge – We have the resources, time, motivation and qualification from EU universities and colleges, allowing us to provide excellent legal services. We apply very strict professional principles in our work, such as fairness, understanding of core business and interest of both parties and satisfaction of all involved in a certain transaction or process.
Experience – Our team speaks with over a decade of experience. Our professional and personal skills are a powerful tool for the achievement of our clients’ goals in commercial transactions.
Individual approach – We work closely with our clients to achieve greater understanding of their individual objectives. We take the pursuit of our clients’ goals as personal responsibility as we strive to offer the best individual solutions.
Performance – We see no point in simply meeting our clients’ expectations if we can’t exceed them. In our performance we stand to the principle that neither we, nor the people we work with, will accept the second best. We obey all rules of confidentiality, perseverance of data and documents according to the latest technologies and smooth communication between us and our clients.
Partners Abroad – We are proud to be associated with a number of well developed partners abroad. The international network of our partners enables us to handle clients’ requirements in over 10 countries in Europe.

We believe that our professional experience as well as our extensive knowledge of the legal framework will contribute to the precise selection and execution of your plans.