We represent our clients before Bulgarian state and arbitration courts as a final way in their dispute resolution.

We treat the litigation as a complex service, starting far before seizing a court or arbitration to resolve a dispute. Our priority is to attempt an amicable solution of each legal dispute through negotiation or mediation proceedings and deem this to be a mandatory phase of each case.

In the cases where negotiation is fruitless, we will support our clients in securing the evidence necessary for successful defence in a litigation proceeding and we will critically analyse the materials provided by the client to ensure that the position and its supporting materials are not vulnerable in the proceedings. In case we identify shortcomings or risks we will explain them so that the client is able to take an informed decision on the claim strategy. In order to protect the interest of our clients we always perform a solvency check of the other party and will engage all available instruments to secure the effective future foreclosure of the judgement.

Our professional duty is to lead the litigation in the most effective, fast and competent manner. We will not chicane the proceedings, impede it, misuse procedural rights or use whatever illegitimate means for attaining a particular results, so if you have such expectations please refrain from contacting us.